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Decadent and stylish jewelry for your walls.  FANCY PIGEON will elevate any wall to a whole new level. In this geometric design , FANCY PIGEON will literally and figuratively shine in it’s stunning metallic and multi-color layouts.



*The metallic properties of this wall covering take on a variety of color and reflective qualities depending on the interior and exterior lighting.



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    • 26” W x 18” H  design repeat
    • straight match
    • digitally printed 52" on 54" material
    • made to order - delivery time 4 to 6 weeks
    • proudly made in the USA
    • non-toxic water based inks
    • samples available - allow 5 to 7 days domestic shipping
    • Please be aware that wallpaper is made to order. Each batch printed might have a VERY SLIGHT shift in color which if hung directly next to a different batch MIGHT be noticeable. To ensure that each roll is of the same batch, please be sure to order the correct amount as needed. We do not offer refunds.
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