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Serve your sweets on this handmade stoneware + porcelain dessert plate.  

Top of plate is glazed, sides and botton are raw stoneware.  Approximately 7 inches diameter.


Handmade by Wilder Pottery in Ojai, California.


*Please note that plates are made in small batches. Each handmade plate may have some anomalies or imperfections in the sizing or the glaze. This adds to the unique handmade quality of the ceramic.

HENRIETTA Dessert Plate

  • - Oven safe up to 450 degrees farenheight - place in oven and allow to heat gradually. Never place cold stoneware items in a preheated oven, gas or electric range, grill or open flame. Rapid temperature changes can cause thermal shock which can result in cracking or chipping.

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